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    Is 3D animation worth the investment?

    Arise Technical Animation
    Technological development has aided growth and transformation across the different industrial segments. Every company emphasizes improving customer experience. This can only be achieved by having the right tools and technologies that can aid in this process. We will be talking about industrial animation in this blog. And how it is helping the manufacturing companies.

    Technological development has paved the way for new changes, and at the same time, it has also helped simplify life. Technological tools like animation have played a vital role, from the ease of understanding the critical concepts to streamline the application method. Animation has emerged as a powerful tool for creating videos and effectively projecting ideas that can fetch a lot of attention and simplify the process of idea dissemination. It finds wider application in the marketing field, from creating eye-catching videos to developing engaging content; animation serves all the purposes.

    The Indian animation and VFX market was at around 53 billion INR in 2020 and is expected to reach a mark of 129 billion INR by 2023. This whopping rise in the number results from the growing applicability of animation across the different industrial segments. There are five types of animation, traditional animation, 2D Vector-based animation, 3D computer animation, Stop motion, and Motion graphics. The traditional animation comprised drawings; however, with the advent of 2D animation, we witnessed the advanced version, which was vector-based animation on computers. And then came the era of 3D animation. It incorporated moving text and logos in the same manner.

    2D Animation

    These are made in 2-D space. These animated images are filmed at a rate of 24 frames per second to illustrate the illusion effect. To sum it in simple words for a 1-second film, 24 pictures are required. Before the evolution of the PC, these images were drawn by hand, but now they are digitally drawn on the PC.

    3D Animation

    Unlike 2D animation, in the case of 3D animation, 3D images are drawn, which adds more depth to the animation. Such animated videos find many applications, but there is a right way to implement the same. The usual process includes the following steps:

    • Understanding the requirement and developing the concept accordingly
    • Creating the script. Once the idea and objective of animation are clear, the next step is to create a script around it.
    • Finally, developing the characters comes into the picture.

    Once all these aspects are in place, the final creation and implementation of strategies take place. For a flawless animation, it is important to focus on creating a clear line of understanding. Companies like Arise3D work on this aspect. Its core focus is to understand the client’s requirements and then implement the right tools to create animated videos.

    Difference Between 2D & 3D Product Animation

    The key difference between the two types of animation is that the 3D animation has more depth and looks more realistic than the 2D ones. The 2D product animation is made on flat surfaces with only 2 axes x and y, and the scene looks flat, while in the case of 3D animation, the scene has a re depth to it and facilitates views from different angles.Another significant difference between the two is that the time and investment that goes into creating 3D animation videos is more than that of 2D animation.

    Why Focus On 3D Animation?

    Companies are now emphasizing 3D animation. In this case, models are used, which creates a more realistic representation. The three-dimensional models are created on the digital platform and are manipulated on the three vectors x, y, and z to create lifelike moments. There are different types of 3D animation, and they find applications across the different industrial segments.

    • Easily catches the attention- If your business is still sticking around with the age-old marketing method, it’s time to give it refurbishment. Using animation, you can easily create eye-catching and engaging content with more far-fetched results than other methods.
    • Creates top-of-the-mind recall– Every company strives to be the first name in the customer’s mind when looking for a specific product or service. With a well-created animated video, you can easily create a strong and everlasting impact on consumers’ minds.
    • Cost-effective tool– Compared with other promotional tools, 3D animated videos are cost-effective. You can create an animated video and use it for different purposes, and thus it saves your cost and time.

    Arise3D focuses on providing the best animation services to its clients. With its creative excellence and technical expertise team, Arise3D has been able to cater to variegated clients’ creative requirements. Your business can reach the zenith of success with the right set of tools and technolog


      Mr. Alpesh Patel


      For the last 12 years, He has been pursuing a passion for creating visually stunning 3D product animations & renders for a variety of different industries. He specializes in how to take generic 3D CAD & engineering models to the highest possible level. He studied Mechanical Engineering, very quick to grasp the technical details of a customer’s product. Part of the enjoyment of doing this type of work is learning about innovative new technologies as he is bringing them to real life.

      Mr. Rupesh Rajyaguru


      Our founder, Mr Rupesh Rajyaguru, offers a unique blend of engineering and digital design & marketing experience. An engineering background derived from a degree in mechanical engineering and over 15 years of 3D Software Sales experience at the highest level, perfectly positioned to provide support to clients in the 3D CAD software, technical and engineering animation arena.