1. Why Arise3D?

  We are team of experiences engineers & creative animators.
We have all the facilities in-house so we don’t outsourced anything. By doing this there is quick response time to all your queries related to project.
All your design data is secured in our premises.
Our prices of 3D animations % Product renderings are very affordable, unlike larger studios who deal in per second price of animation, we offer creative & high quality realistic animation with detailed technical content at flexible price range.
Expert project managers having engineering, medical and advertisement sector’s vast experience.
 Our flexibility with the inputs & in-house team of mechanical design engineers are reasons our clients find it easy to work with us.

2. Why 3D Animation required?
 With the help of 3D Animation, explain your product, machine, equipment or entire engineering system to justify the difference between you and your competitors & convenience your customers for the premium price of your product or engineered system.
3. Why Product Visualization?
  Product visualization is the key to visually communicate your products to customers. Today, many companies make 3D models in-house. We can use those 3D models to make stunning rendering images of products to use in website, Brochures, User Manuals, e-commerce websites, Trade show banners, Product Packaging art work and many.
4. What input we require for animation / visualization?

 We required 3D models of your product mainly in STEP format. Other CAD format also suitable for animation / visualization like IGS, IGES, DWG, DXF, OBJ

 Other input incudes actual photos or videos of the product as reference to replicate it in realistic animation / visualization.

 If you don’t have 3D models, don’t worry your 2D drawings or conceptual handmade sketches are enough for our team.

5. What does a Technical Animation cost?
  With Honesty there is no perfect formula to calculate the cost of the 3D Animation project which can be posted over website. Cost can only be resolute after we understand the scope of work or storyboard.  We usually provide a quote within few minutes on most projects. If your project is very detailed or the storyboard is demanding then the quote may take a few hours as we discuss the best approach with the team.
6. What is the final Output of Animation?

  Generally the final output is a high quality video having 1920 x 1080 resolution compatible with any device including iPad and mobiles.

  Some projects may have different final output based on the client requirement.

7. What is the final Output of Product Visualization / Product Rendering?

  We provide high resolution image having 4k Resolution in different format like *.tif, *.jpg, *.png

  In some projects like plant and process rendering we give up to 8k resolution images

8. Will we provide a free sample?
  Yes, of course. If you can send us your 3D model & few ref. photographs, we can make a FREE RENDER IMAGE for you. Animation sample is really difficult to make at NO COST.
9. What is the Project Time line?
  Generally for small to medium length animation may take a week or two. For Large scale projects it is depend on storyboard & may extend to 4 week or more.
10. How much is the turnaround time?
  Once we have your input files & analyze them, we will be in a better position to say the TAT timeframe. We deliver projects as fast as possible to fulfil client’s requirements.
11. How do you communicate?
  Generally we communicate via e-mails. Also, we can communicate via telephone or skype or similar messengers.
12. How can payments be made?
  Payments can be made via PayPal or bank wire transfers.
13. How do you ensure data safety?

  We are used to signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before starting a project. If you don't have an NDA, we are happy to provide you with a good basic version that you can customize to suit your needs.

Once the project is completed, all the input and output files are stored in an electronic vault which is accessible by higher authorities on a senior level only

14. Who are our clients?

  Our major clients are OEM’s from Industrial, Engineering and Manufacturing segment. Apart from them we also have served IT Agencies, Marketing Agencies and Advertisement Agencies.

Medical Animation is another service we offer to Pharma companies, Doctors and Medical institutes.

Our clients list includes a small organization to large fortune 500 company.

15. Does Client need to visit our Studio for the project?

  No. Working in this creative field for over a decade and with clients from different countries our expert team at production easily visualizes the requirement of the client. Today more than 80% of our projects are completed without actually visiting the client location.

All the communications we do through emails & all the data transfers can be done through internet. Our studio is well equipped with high speed internet connection & servers.

If you want to visit our studio, you are most welcome whenever you want and we will have a cup of coffee together.



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    Mr. Alpesh Patel


    For the last 12 years, He has been pursuing a passion for creating visually stunning 3D product animations & renders for a variety of different industries. He specializes in how to take generic 3D CAD & engineering models to the highest possible level. He studied Mechanical Engineering, very quick to grasp the technical details of a customer’s product. Part of the enjoyment of doing this type of work is learning about innovative new technologies as he is bringing them to real life.

    Mr. Alpesh Patel
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    Mr. Rupesh Rajyaguru


    Our founder, Mr Rupesh Rajyaguru, offers a unique blend of engineering and digital design & marketing experience. An engineering background derived from a degree in mechanical engineering and over 15 years of 3D Software Sales experience at the highest level, perfectly positioned to provide support to clients in the 3D CAD software, technical and engineering animation arena.

    Mr. Rupesh Rajyaguru