10 Things to Consider When Hiring an Animation Studio

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10 Things to consider when hiring an animation company
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In this digital era when animated explainer videos have taken over the other forms of brand introductions, creating the appropriate animated explainer is highly important. This is because an introduction video is the representation of your brand. No matter how established your organization is, the animated video should be created keeping in mind the audiences getting to know about your brand through video.

For achieving excellence in this, hiring an animation studio with the necessary expertise is very much important. This is a pretty critical job because you can see the animation industry is full of service providers. And the selection of a non-responsible or unprofessional animation company can suck your mind, energy, as well as time without adequate or effective delivery.

But don’t worry we are here with a few useful tips. In this post, we will discuss the most important things that you should consider while hiring an animation studio.
So, let’s begin!

Examine the Demo Reel

The animation company you are considering might have a demo reel to showcase you. It is highly important that you carefully look into this show reel. This demo will give you an idea about their animation quality, camera handling ability, quality of audio delivery, and much more.
A demo reel will be able to say half of the story about the quality of their services. This will help you narrow down the potential companies you’re hiring to just a few and make the decision-making process much easier

Check out Their Portfolio

The portfolio of the animation company will give you a lot of ideas about their previous works. You can get to know about the kind of projects they have worked on. You can directly relate these projects to your expectations. As a result, you can have an idea of whether they are suitable for conveying your message to your audience or not.

The portfolio will give you a clear idea about the quality of the work they have delivered to their clients. Also, you can conclude a lot about the visual appeal of the video, audio quality, understandability of the animation, etc. Secondly, check out any social media accounts the company has. Companies usually post examples of their latest work on social media so that potential clients can see it.

Animated Video Style

Another important thing to consider is the animation style of the animation company that they carry in their animated videos. You should try to understand whether the consistency in their work is suitable for your brand or not.

Also, the pattern that they follow in terms of arranging graphics, colors, and more is ideal according to your niche. You must also verify whether they are able to create a match between introductory characters and your brand identity.

Don’t Neglect Voiceover Quality

The quality of the voiceover is highly important. Because voiceover will be a kind medium of communication between your video and your target audience. So, you must consider the voiceover quality in the animation company’s previous videos.

Voiceover should be in such a way that it can encourage viewers to listen to your brand thoroughly. It should also be able to communicate the brand message to the audience. A bad narration can break the entire animation and make it seem laughable. That’s why you need to make sure you hire an animation company that has a talented narrator. You can tell a lot about the quality of an animation’s voiceover from the demo reel and portfolio.


While hiring an animation studio, you must consider the originality of the content they create. You would surely not want any copyrighted or copied images, videos, or sounds to be used in your animated videos. Therefore, it is important that you confirm this.

You can cross-check their previously completed videos and identify the originality of their videos. Because duplicate content can never represent your brand uniquely in front of your audiences.


Experience is one of the important considerations when hiring an animation studio for your animated explainer. An agency with good experience is of course should be your first priority. However this not at all means that a novice cannot meet your quality expectations.

If you are finding a new agency worth considering, you can ask them to create a demo animation video or sample for your brand. If you find their work satisfactory, you can undoubtedly go with them.

Ability to Create an Engaging Animation Story

The story of your animated explainer represents its capability to attract and engage more and more audiences. Your animation company should be able to connect your audience naturally with such an interesting storyline.

You can get an idea of how effective they are in creating interesting stories from their previous videos. You can also ask them to come up with a short storyline to be plotted in an animation video for your brand.

Communication and Customer Service

Effective and regular communication is the key to a successful project accomplishment. So, you must ensure that the animation agency you are considering is available for regular and frequent communications regarding the project whenever required.

There may be instances when you may need their help urgently. In those cases, good customer service and effective communication matter a lot.


Even if your animation agency seems to be good in all the above-discussed cases, you should never overlook their testimonials. Testimonials can give you a great idea of how their relationships have been with their previous clients.

For better understanding and peace of mind, you can also contact a few of their previous or existing clients. They can tell you all about how professional and consistent their work has been. This can help you amazingly in making the right selection.


And last but the most important, their pricing for the animated explainer videos. Pricing is obviously a significant thing while making a selection. You can match the prices of different agencies with your budget plan. This will help you shortlist the options that fit your budget constraints.

Although a few bucks can be compromised for a good quality service. However, in case of significant differences, you can opt for feasible alternatives.


If you are planning to hire an animation studio for your upcoming animated explainer video project, these tips will surely help you. Keep these in mind and you will be able to make the most appropriate selection for your project.

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Alpesh Patel is a highly skilled and versatile 3D Artist with 15 years of experience, specializing in industrial animations. As the Technical Director of Arise Engineering Services, he excels in creating realistic and captivating visualizations of complex manufacturing processes. He combines artistic talent with technical proficiency and design engineering to produce animations that exceed client expectations and bring manufacturing concepts to life.
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