7 Best Technical Animation Videos Examples in 2022

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7 Best Technical Animation Videos Examples in 2022
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The industry of explainer animation videos is booming at a decent pace. In the earlier days, visual content was just limited to social media channels and TV. But now, the introduction of the latest marketing strategies has given a new shape to the visual content. And now this visual content is termed animated videos.

If you find out ways to boost your content marketing strategy, animation videos offer the best means. This article will give you a useful idea of making the most out of your technical animation videos.

But first, let’s explore some basics of animation videos.

What is A Technical Animation Video?

A technical 3D animation is an animated video designed with the use of graphics to establish an illusion of movement. A wide variety of footage contributes to creating this illusion. These may include sounds, still images, motion graphics, and more.

Producing technical animations is one of the most creative and crucial parts of graphic design. With the help of this art, it has become possible to create outstanding visuals. These visuals come forward as a great source of engagement for applications, websites, etc.

An explainer video or technical animation provides a strong method to explain services or products. This also adds credibility to the brand. Technical animation videos can elaborate even complex concepts and topics more easily. Moreover, the narrative audio, stunning visuals, and snappy animations, compel viewers to take action.

Whatever industry your business belongs to, explainer videos help you explain your products and service better.

Examples of Technical 3D Animation

As a business, technical 3D animation videos can help you explain your work and offerings. It also lets you engage more and more people with your brand. If you are looking for some good examples of such animated videos, go through the listed 7 best technical animation videos.

PFS Filling and Stoppering Machine (Technical Animation)

This 3D animated video example showcases the internal structure and working of an automatic PFS Filling and Stoppering Machine. This does not include a voice-over however perfectly highlights the brand and the functioning of this machine.

How the magnetic manual drawer works?(Technical Animation)

This technical animation video uses a simple way to explain the working of the magnetic manual drawer. This 1-minute video explains exactly what is necessary to be showcased to the viewers.

How Clutch Bearing works?(Technical Animation)

This is another wonderful example of a technical animation video. It practically explains to the users how clutch bearing works. The animated video uses 3D rendering and therefore gives a feel as if the clutch bearing is working in real-time.

Mold Testing Unit(Technical Animation)

This short animated video is produced to 3D visualize the working of a mold testing unit. The 3D rendering gives a realistic view of the functioning of the machine.

Brewery Process Animation(Process Animation)

This is a brewery process animation video that showcases the whole brewery process thoroughly. The graphics and animations used in 3D rendering are just awesome and give a realistic image of the brewery world.

Helical Gearbox(Technical Animation)

This animation video example presents the technical animation of a helical gearbox. The animation gives deep insights into every small aspect of the gearbox.

Gear Box(Technical Animation)

This is another Gearbox technical animation video produced using 3D rendering for showcasing the design, features, and functional parts of a gearbox.

Advantages of Technical Animation Videos

Technical animation is one of the versatile varieties of animated videos. Let’s take a look at some of the good benefits of using these for your content marketing purposes.

Look More Realistic and Accurate

Technical animations utilize 3D technology. As a result, you can serve your audience content which looks more realistic and accurate. This realistic nature of your animations can help you achieve the results you want from your marketing campaigns. Such kind of content engages the audience and enhances a feeling of trust among them.

Innovative and Versatile Content

3D animations let you achieve a wide variety of visual effects. And that is why this is one of the best options for marketing and product design. Because with this technology you can produce innovative and creative visuals that have the capability to attract wider audiences.

Reduced Costs of Production

By replacing traditional methods of video production with 3D animations, you can save a huge sum of money. The traditional methods usually had a significant amount of costs associated in terms of shoots, cast, etc. But here a technically expert graphic designer can accomplish all the stuff and save more. This makes this one of the preferred options for agencies looking to cut down their overall expenses.

Things You Need to Create a Resounding Technical Animation Video

An engaging, inspirational, and powerful script that can grab the attention of your audience.

Outstanding visuals can help people understand your business and your product or services.

Wonderful transitions and visuals to keep your audience engaged.

Lovely music for the background can uplift the mood of the viewers.

An impactful and professional voice-over that can connect the audience with your content effectively.

Get your own Technical Animation Video

These are some interesting facts about technical animation videos that can help you know about their importance. We recommend going through the above-mentioned best examples. These will give you an idea of how you can utilize 3D animation for your business and enjoy its fruitful results.

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