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Product animation has penetrated across different industries. With its burgeoning application across different business niches and its effectiveness having been proven several times, the demand for product animation videos has multiplied. This has led the 3D product animation to go from strength to strength.

Why companies are using 3D product animation videos?

Companies are eyeing this technology that helps them create life-like videos that create an illusion of movement in a 3D ecosystem. The sole objective of the rising improvisation in 3D animation videos is because it is more attractive and instantly catches the eyes of the individual.

Some of the popular applications of product animation videos are:

Marketing and sales

Medical and healthcare

Installation and product description

Software training

Machine description

The crude animation videos have evolved to become a more real-life image presentation. 3D animation was primarily used in video games, television, film making etc. Toy Story is one of the earliest examples of animation. Since then, there has been no looking back, and today, we find multiple applications of animation video.

Today, animated product videos find applications across different business niches. It makes it easier for companies to present their product and services more effectively. Let’s explore more about the application of product animation with examples

Use cases of 3D product animation

1. Bath Fittings Product Description Videos

One of the primary reasons for using product animation is that it helps create explaining videos without making them dull, like this product description of Cera’s Sanitaryware. This explainer video covers all the key features of Cera one-piece EWC.

The video has animation to make it more interesting and appealing. It instantly catches the attention of the viewer. The simpler animation showcasing the key aspects of one-piece EWC toilet makes it easier for the viewer to understand the usefulness and benefit of this toilet.

This video pinches a bit more than a minute, but in just 80 seconds, it covers all the features and USPs of the product, thus making it more comprehensible.

2. Pharmaceutical Product Marketing Videos

Creating an effective visualization of a product is one of the key aspects of product animation. In the medical and pharma industry, 3D product animation can be used to create a detailed overview of the product, as the one explained in this video.

Creating videos for pharma products has to be eye-catching and make things easy to understand and interesting. This video uses a creative and interesting animation showcasing the key features of the mineral tablets.

The objective of using product animation in the medical field is to make the videos more effective and explanatory without losing the interest of the viewer. In a video of less than a minute, it brings to the fore the usefulness of having mineral tablets. It enhances communication with patients. The use case of 3D product animation is also helpful in explaining the functioning of medical equipment like a hearing aid, ventilator machine, and others

3. CST Measuring Wheel Promotion Videos Using 3D Animation

Today, every company has to adopt the right method of branding and promotion. This helps in making their brand stand out. Promoting a product and services is an extension of this aspect. To make the product presentation more effective, companies must adopt methods to help them present their product more effectively.

For example, this product explainer video of a CST Measuring wheel dissects all the roadometer components and highlights the product’s significant features. The retention of video content is more than audio. Hence, it creates more impact than other branding and promotion methods.

Animated videos have a unique appeal, through which they can establish an instant connection with the viewer. These short videos cover all the details of the product, thus making it easy for the viewer to comprehend the product.

4. Software Explainer Video Using Product Animation

A company’s product line is highly varied; it includes tangible and non-tangible products. Product animation videos are highly versatile and flexible. Thus, it can be used for promoting different types of products.

The primary objective of having a product animation video is to establish a direct connection with the customers. These videos are small and crisp but loaded with all the information. The presentation of the product via animated videos makes it easy for the viewers to understand the product and its key aspects.

For example, in this video, the usefulness of the software and its key features are briefly discussed. With the help of an animation, all the software’s key features are highlighted, making it easy for the viewer to understand and use the software.

These animated videos solve multiple purposes, like they can be used to reach out the customers and potential clients. In addition, these videos can also be used as a training module. Thus, you can promote the product in the long run with a one-time investment. Hence, it has become a cost-effective method of promoting and advertising a product.

5. Ice-cream Machine Functioning Explanation Using 3D Animation

A detailed explanation of the functioning of the machine is a challenging task. Unfolding all the key components of machinery, along with its features and a detailed overview of using the machine, is a daunting task. With the help of machine animation, you can create a real-life portrayal of the machine and take the viewer on a visual tour of the machine and its key components. Thus, making it more effective.

Wrapping it up!!!

Marketing and animation play an important role in enhancing the reach of the brands. You can create engaging content using 3D product animation videos. These are some of the examples highlighting how product animation videos can be used for myriads of products.

A video presentation can help instantly establish a connection between brands and the viewer. But to make the videos more effective, one has to rely only on a professional animation video service provider like Arise Engineering Services. The company has worked on a host of projects in different industrial niches. With the right product animation, you will be able to create an interest in the customer to know more about the product and even impact their buying decision.

About the Author
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Alpesh Patel is a highly skilled and versatile 3D Artist with 15 years of experience, specializing in industrial animations. As the Technical Director of Arise Engineering Services, he excels in creating realistic and captivating visualizations of complex manufacturing processes. He combines artistic talent with technical proficiency and design engineering to produce animations that exceed client expectations and bring manufacturing concepts to life.
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