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    Industrial Animation:
    Top marketing benefits for manufacturers

    Industrial Animation: Top marketing benefits for manufacturers

    Every company envisions establishing a strong reach to its customer base. Marketing and advertising play a significant role in this. But in the last decade, there has been a transformative shift in the approach. With the intervention of technology, it has become easier for companies to explain their products with ease. Even complex processes like the functioning of a machine can be easily explained. Industrial animation has played a significant role in this.

    The significance of manufacturing companies in the economy

    Manufacturing companies have been a significant contributor to the GDP of the nation. In 2020, manufacturing companies generated 17.4 per cent of India’s GDP. This highlights the significance and importance of the manufacturing sector.

    Over the years, manufacturing companies have grown in numbers. They have adopted strategies that have helped them push their profits forward. Like other businesses, even manufacturing companies need to harness the benefits of modern marketing techniques. It can help their brand outshine the others.

    Adopting industrial process animation simplifies the tasks of creating explanatory yet easy-to-understand videos. These can be used for promotion, presentation and even training purposes. Moreover, such videos are a cost-effective way of marketing. Investing in creating a compelling animated video, find multiple applications.

    Penetration of the animated videos in marketing strategies of the companies

    1. A paradigm change in approach– Conventionally, the idea of animation was limited to entertaining videos and films. But over a period of time, there has been a paradigm change in the application of animated videos. Animation is a broad concept that has different subsets. Industrial animation is one offshoot finding multifaceted applications across various industries.

    2. Inclination towards video content- As per a recent study, around 92% of marketers believe that video marketing is paramount for any business. There has been a 53% increase in spending on digital video marketing. Moreover, 53% of the customers engage with the brand more after watching a video on social media.

    3. Impact of animated videos- Industrial animation videos are more impactful because people can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Animated content grabs attention in 1/10th of a second. This is why most manufacturing companies are now focusing on using animated videos.

    Top benefits of industrial animation videos for the manufacturing companies

    1. Capturing the attention- The focus of every organization is to capture the attention of the viewers. It is the easiest way to create captivating video content. Animated videos stand out from conventional videos.

    Sticking to conventional videos can make them monotonous. With industrial animation videos, it becomes easier to create an impactful video. These videos capture the attention of the viewers.

    Whether we are talking about the end-user or the channel partners, manufacturers can easily approach them and explain their processes with the industrial process animation videos. These videos are of shorter duration and are easy to understand. Thus, it becomes easier to hold the attention of the viewer.

    Many engineering and tech companies have reaped the benefits of this. These companies use animated videos to transform even the complex processes and products into compelling and easy-to-understand illustrations.

    For example, comprehending a graph just by looking at it can be boring, but when you create an animated video of the same, and a Voiceover accompanies this graph, it becomes interesting and easy to understand.

    2. Boosting the conversion rate- Every company aims for greater returns. They want to convert the lead into clients and enhance the conversion rate. While sales teams are focusing on this task, they should be assisted with accompaniments like animated videos, making it easier for them to approach the client and understand the business processes.

    The industrial process can be highly complex, especially when explaining machinery’s functionality or working. Getting into the details of explaining each component can make this task monotonous, and at some point in time, you will lose the interest of the client.

    Now take a scenario where you explain the same industrial process with the animated videos. It becomes easier to explain these processes and can also impact the viewer’s decision.

    3. Establish a strong brand presence- There are 5000 large and over 25,000 small and medium manufacturing companies in India. Making your business shine out from the others can be a challenging task.

    Most companies adopt different strategies to create brand awareness and generate more business. Animated videos can play a significant role here. You get a compelling animated video that helps redefine your brand presence by compiling the aspects of videos along with creative ingredients. We have already mentioned in the beginning that people have a poor retention capacity for videos than reading something.

    4. Create a virtual prototype of the products- What if we say you get to create a virtual prototype of your product and can give your clients a comprehensive understanding of the extensive functionality of the industrial process. Industrial process animation makes this happen.

    With this simple animation technology clubbing it with the 3-D effect, you can create a virtual prototype of any product or industrial process. Such videos explain all the core aspects of business functionality. Thus, making it easy for the novice viewers to understand the process.

    Wrapping it up!!!

    Industrial animation is finding applications across the industry zone. You can create convincing and explanatory videos with it. Whether you want to create an animated video of a steel fabricating machine or a cheese shredding machine, industrial animation videos prove to be helpful.

    It’s time to harness the benefits of this technology, which can boost sales and, at the same time, create a top-of-the-mind recall. Companies like Arise Engineering services offer outstanding 3D animation and industrial animation services that help your business outshine.

    Companies need to switch to innovative measures regarding branding and promotion. Industrial animation simplifies the entire process and presents it in a unique and compelling way.


      Mr. Alpesh Patel


      For the last 12 years, He has been pursuing a passion for creating visually stunning 3D product animations & renders for a variety of different industries. He specializes in how to take generic 3D CAD & engineering models to the highest possible level. He studied Mechanical Engineering, very quick to grasp the technical details of a customer’s product. Part of the enjoyment of doing this type of work is learning about innovative new technologies as he is bringing them to real life.

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