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    7 Benefits of Hiring a 3D Product Rendering Company

    Product Rendering

    3D modeling and animation are redefining almost every industry they touch. Healthcare, education, and manufacturing are just some industries affected by 3D product rendering. In addition, the CAGR for the industry is expected to be 35% by 2023. 

    One of the biggest challenges of selling a product or service is assuring your client of the result. Testimonials and an online portfolio of past projects help, but it doesn’t show the that you’re capable of exactly what they want. Presenting something in three dimensions allows your client or customer to see every angle of what they’re getting.  

    Here are seven benefits of hiring a 3D product rendering company and how they can help your business succeed. 

    1. Appealing to Clients

    There’s something special about seeing a product brought to life as a 3D model. It’s sophisticated and advanced. It shows that this company is going beyond the minimum requirements for making a sale. 

    The problem with a 2D drawing or design is that it’s hard to get a good perspective on shape and size. 3D products are a great way to introduce a client to a product with space, such as machining tools. You can use this technology to vividly explain how the job is shaped by them. 

    2. Create Exact Presentations in Three Dimensions

    A professional rendering company doesn’t just create a simple 3D model of your product. They look at all the specific measurements and requirements that their client needs to be represented.

    Your 3D rendering should look and act the same as your intended finished product. For manufacturing purposes, it can help show if your design has any flaws that need fixing. As for marketing, a 3D product shows the customer what they’re about to purchase. 

    Professional product rendering helps in various fields, including product rendering, plant rendering, and more. As long as your specifications are accurate, you should be able to see your design brought to life. 

    3. Cost-Effective

    Even though 3D modeling uses advanced modern technology, it’s more cost-effective than creating physical models. The problem with physical models is that you usually have to go through a manufacturer to create a prototype. Hand-made models exist for some industries, but that requires extra time. 

    There are many different rendering options available that come in varying price ranges. However, you’ll still be better off investing in them than making a physical model. 

    Using a 3D product rendering company means that you end up with a digital representation of your product. That digital representation can then be easily and instantly shared with anyone in the world. 

    In addition, a 3D prototype will most likely look a lot better than anything you could personally make. You can apply a paint job to the model with ease. Your 3D model also won’t develop any scratches or damage, which means you won’t have to replace it at any point. 

    4. Change Up Your Concept With Ease

    Since you’re dealing with a digital model of your product, it’s much easier to make modifications on the fly. The problem with physical models is that you may have to completely remake them if there’s a problem with the design.

    One of the 3D product rendering options you have is to edit your render in real-time. In an industrial application, it only takes several mouse clicks to update a drawing and coordinate those updates to the rest of the project. 

    When you update or change your design, that doesn’t mean you’ve erased the old one. Save both models for your client so they can decide between the two. And if they decide against the changes, you can easily reverse them. 

    5. Great for Marketing

    When marketing your product out to new clients and customers, it helps to show some kind of example of the type of work you can do. Even better than past examples is a live demonstration of your current product. 

    3D renders help when pitching to investors by showing them an accurate depiction of what you’re selling. Although they won’t be able to physically touch a product, they can see how it would exist in the real world. Your business can send it to anyone around the world, which can help you reach people who may normally be more difficult to access. 

    6. Try Out Virtual Reality and Simulations

    Virtual reality simulations are one example of how you can take a 3D render and make it interactive

    For example, if your business deals in home furnishings, you can use an application to allow customers to view new items in their own home space. All they have to do is hold up their phone and they can then see how well a piece of furniture will fit and look. 

    Another way you can utilize virtual reality is with clothing. A customer can upload a photo of their body online and see how different articles of clothing will look on them. Some shoe brands have used the same technology to allow customers to make their custom shoes. 

    7. Enhance Your Brand and Marketing

    There’s something special about a brand that has invested in professional product rendering. It’s considered to be a market of professionalism to have a consistent look, and 3D models help with that. 

    Putting your product into a 3D space allows you to get a better look at it and present it in a better light. Giving a client access to the model makes the project both interactive and collaborative. 

    In addition, you can stick those past models onto your portfolio for future clients to look at. If you haven’t already started using 3D product rendering services, then now is the time to consider them.

    Find Your Next 3D Product Rendering Company

    Some companies may ignore a 3D product rendering company on the basis that it’s not an essential service. They may reason that physical models, drawings, and such are enough. However, a 3D render is useful for so much more than displaying the final product. 

    Arise Engineering services specialized in providing 3D animations including technical animations and rendered images. With our help, you can improve your digital presence and appeal to an even wider range of clientele.

    Contact us to tell us about your business and if you have any questions.


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